New IFFHS continues. After the death (24 March 2013) of its founder and President since 1984, Alfredo Pöge, the IFFHS (International Federation of Football History and Statistics) continued with a interim President, Robert Ley, from France, who was in the Executive Committee since 1997, and a new line.


new iffhs

The IFFHS was transitional established in Lausanne (Switzerland) and has already more than 70 members from countries of all continents and will reorganize all his activities.

The first step was to continue the establishment of the nine annual categories in the World’s Man Football and the four new categories in the World’s Woman Football. Editorial staff and experts from 70 countries of all continents voted in the different categories.

After this transitional period the second step was the election of a new President: The Executive Committee Members of the International Federation of Football History & Statistic (IFFHS) have attended the IFFHS Election meeting held in Dubai, UAE and it resolved by unanimous decision to elect Mr. Saleh Salem BAHWINI for the position of the presidency of the International Federation of Football History & Statistics for a period of five years effective 23 March 2014.  Today the IFFHS is based in Zürich, Switzerland.

IFFHS Executive Committee :

IFFHS President : Saleh Salem BAHWINI  – sa Saudi Arabia

Vice presidents:

Jorgen NIELSEN – dk Denmark
Robert LEY – fr France
Julio Hector MACIAS – ar Argentina

Executive Committee Members:

Edward SIMMONS –  au Australia
Clovis Martins DA SILVA –  br Brazil
Carlos F. RAMIREZ – mx Mexico
José DEL OLMO – es Spain
Igor GOLDES – ru Russia
Khaled Abul OYON – eg Egypt
Miguel Romero COLINA – uy Uruguay

IFFHS  Secretary:

Jassem AL-SAYED – ae UAE

Tel.: + 971 504945087
Fax:  + 971 4 351 3003

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