Here are some explanations for the CLUB WORLD RANKING. This ranking is intended to establish among all domestic and continental competitions the strongest team of the year in the World. It is set by the sum of all weighted points in each competition from January to December. This ranking does not give bonuses for exceeding a round or winning a competition. Each competition has its own value, according to the IFFHS rules, fixed by the IFFHS Executive Committee.

UEFA Champions’ League1470
UEFA Europa League1260
UEFA Super Cup1470
Copa Libertadores (CONMEBOL)1470
Copa Sudamericana (CONMEBOL)1260
CAF Champions’ League94,50
Confederations Cup (CAF)73,50
AFC Champions’ League94,50
AFC Cup73,50
AFC Presidents Cup420
CONCACAF Champions’ League94,50
OFC Champions’ League52,50
FIFA Club World Cup (final not included)1470
FIFA Club World Cup (final)2110,50

 When a match is resolved by penalties, it is considered as drawn match, including finals.


world club

There are 4 levels, so the strongest leagues are in the top level (level 4). Each country has a number (example: Germany/4, Portugal/3, Austria/2 or Kazakhstan/1), it indicates the level for the league. Each level has different points by match. Each year the ranking for “The Strongest National League of the World” decides the level of each league for the next year.

Level 4420
Level 331,50
Level 2210
Level 110,50
Level 41260
Level 3840
Level 252,50
Level 11,50,750

Any domestic supercup is considered.

Only there are considered rounds because there are domestic cups with one match by round and domestic cups with two legs for a round. The global result decides. When a round is decided by penalties, it is considered as a drawn match.

Only there are considered the last 4 rounds (1/8, 1/4 semifinals and final) in order to homogenize every domestic cup in the world.

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